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Latest news from the world of one payment system

The topic is likely to be considered for advertising, but the news is actually interesting.

Not so long ago, Dengam@Mail.Ru one year old. In recent months, Mail’s payment system has added some tasty buns, for example, the ability to buy Visa Virtual . And today I was pleased with another pleasantness.

Just a couple of hours ago, on the website of the payment system they posted the news that from Friday evening as much as 2 6 +1 hours you can replenish your account with 0% from any bank card. I just want to write: “Happy hours at McDonald's for fans of electronic payments!”
And the other day on the site laid out the documentation for programmers of third-party projects on working with the software interface of the system. And the last is much more interesting from my point of view, since it is well connected with the latest trends from large portals - in providing various kinds of API to their projects. However, judging by the stated possibilities, the document is not just a tribute to fashion.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101719/

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