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The most popular clips about social networks

Moreover, the presented music videos are quite funny, they also raise global themes of human interaction with the advent of social networks. A month ago on Habré was just a translation on this topic.

And really, how to honestly write in the status that the boss is a despot and an idiot if he is your friend? Some disorders and self-restraint.

Social services change the society so much that it cannot pass unnoticed.

1. A Social Network for Two: A Modern Love Song

2. My Mom's on Facebook

3. Welcome To YouTube

4. The Foursquare Rap - Badges Like Us

5. I Follow You

6. Chatroulette Song (Slightly NSFW)

7. LOLcats Song

8. The New Dork - Entrepreneur State of Mind

9. Web Site Story

10. Everybody Tweet

NSFW BONUS: Sit on My Facebook (Internet Love Song)

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