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Because of Android, Oracle sues Google

Claiming a flagrant violation of intellectual property rights, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google for the increasingly popular Android mobile platform.

In a statement released today, Orakl stated that “When developing Android, Google deliberately, directly and repeatedly violated some aspects of Oracle’s intellectual property rights associated with Java. This lawsuit is aimed at eliminating violations. ”

Last year, Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, along with Java. In a statement, the Java platform is called one of the most significant technologies acquired with Sun. Indeed, hardly anyone can dispute that the platform is very common and important for the IT industry.

It is claimed that Android is a direct competitor of Java in the market of operating systems for mobile devices. At the same time, Android uses a lot of applications built on the Java platform. Android and Android SDK, according to Oracle, violate a number of patents, and the latter, although an unwitting participant, also wants to be admitted to the profits that the popular Android brings.
Oracle also claims that Google knew about existing patents, because several former Orakla engineers work for the good corporation.

And besides, by developing an open source platform, Google thereby makes available the intellectual property of companies whose development is used in a mobile operating system.

In addition to the cash side of the lawsuit, Oracle requires that all Java components from Android be "removed or otherwise completely removed." Does this mean that the operating system itself will be under consideration by the court?

You can check documents submitted by Oracle at VentureBeat .

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I saw this link to Habré, but decided that the presentation of the news in Russian would not be superfluous.

UPD (thnx 2 theos ):
Here is a list of titles of patents.

1. Protection Domains To Provide Security In A Computer System
2. Controlling Access To A Resource
3. Method And Apparatus For Preprocessing And Packaging Class Files
4. System And Method For Dynamic Preloading Of Classes.
5. Method And Apparatus For Resolving Data Generate Code
6. Interpreting Functions Utilizing A Hybrid Of Virtual And Native Machine Instruments
7. Method And System for Performing Static Initialization

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101709/

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