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Google Code Search indexed a lot of php scripts ... along with passwords ...

Today in LiveJournal I found an interesting link lang: php .... From this link you can see the results of a simple search query for Google’s code search.

The fact that the sophisticated reader sees on the screen, and he sees a beautiful table of various logins and passwords to MySQL databases (a lot of links work), is a vivid example of why it is necessary to clearly separate code and data, and even more setup data. And what php is bad for is not in itself, but the development style that it imparts to an inexperienced programmer.

Before commenting, check if there is a password from your database? And then, perhaps, THEY are already coming to you :)
PS Imagine how much unfortunate developers are going to translate the shooter to the outrageous behavior of a search engine.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1017/

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