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Facebook will earn $ 1 billion in advertising in 2010


Super-successful social network Facebook continues to conquer the heights of attendance and profitability. Not so long ago, the number of Facebook users exceeded half a billion people. Now a new record may soon be taken - $ 1.3 billion in advertising revenue. Yes, advertisers spend very large amounts of money to promote their products and services on the social network. According to experts, this year the advertising budgets of many companies for the promotion of goods and services on Facebook have been increased several times. According to the same experts, in 2011, Facebook advertising revenue could exceed $ 1.7 billion.

“Advertiser's charge is Facebook’s main revenue item. Advertisers are rapidly increasing their own budgets for promoting services and products, ”says analyst Debra Aho Williamson.
Of this year’s revenue, a large part, $ 835 million, is accounted for by advertisers from the United States, and the bulk of Facebook users are also from this country. Interestingly, the company's expected 2011 revenues should exceed the revenue of 2009 by 112% - a very good indicator for such a short period. Companies from other countries currently spend about $ 450 million a year to promote their own products and services, and in 2011 the “international” total budget of advertisers could reach 700 million.

The huge profits of the social networking site Facebook are a silent refutation of the words of most economists that social networks cannot attract significant advertising budgets. Adherents of this opinion were especially active during the financial crisis, when many companies quickly cut their own budget. However, as we can see, Facebook is going uphill (although it would seem that it is much higher).

But just recently, a couple of years ago, Facebook and MySpace were going "nostril to nostril", and the brainchild of Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corp. (the company that owns Facebook assets) caused advertisers more confidence than the one created by yesterday's Facebook student. Now, Facebook ahead of the rest, and its advertising revenue (as well as any other income) can only envy. Interestingly, how much does the Russian version of Facebook, Vkontakte, earn from advertising? Anyone in the know?

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