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"Website is not displayed"

An article to help people who do not display their site at all.

I faced such problem, working with sites of clients. After a few more calls to technical support came, it became clear that “the site does not open for me” is the result of not a bad Internet, and not hand curves, but something more global.

Symptoms of the problem were as follows. The computer goes to the Internet, Habrahabr and Google open normally. Customer site - no. The server does not "ping". What is strange - the site opens from other computers on the same network, no problems ...

Clients reporting the error "Unable to display the page" could not help much. I had to look for faulty computers and try to figure out what was wrong with them.

Two hours of experiments showed the following results:

Actually, then - the matter of technology. It turned out that route print shows a huge table, in which there is a huge routing rules through the gateway (nonexistent gateway).

The solution to the problem is quite simple: a magic command is enough:

route -f

Or similar:

route delete *

The command clears the routing table. After that, it remains only to “fix” the Internet by adding routing through the default gateway:

route add mask

Naturally, the gateway address may be different. Or you can just reboot - if you do not feel sorry for the usual time, but it is a pity for the brain time.

Further studies showed that, in all likelihood, the client’s computer was infected with a virus (or worm?) Of the Backdoor.Win32.Shiz. * Group, about which much information could not be obtained.

But the problem was discovered, a solution was found, what else. But the question remains: who does need such viruses? Someone decided to promote your site by blocking access to competitors' sites? Or is it a struggle for "clean Internet"? I dont know…

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101691/

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