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Microsoft demonstrates a prototype of a new type of keyboard (similar to Optimus Maximus)

Microsoft demonstrates a keyboard called Adaptive Keyboard with ideas that were already incorporated in the Optimus Maximus from Art.Lebedev . However, Microsoft goes a little further and, together with the introduction to the keys of the screens, offers to integrate the touch screen into the keyboard. Well, the screens in this keyboard across the entire width of the keys, in contrast to Maximus. The resulting result is best demonstrated by the following video:

Starting at approximately 7:30, there is a very interesting demonstration of using the keyboard in conjunction with Visual Studio 2010 . Developers should like it.
The keyboard is demonstrated in connection with the student competition UIST Student Innovation Contest , in which participants will be offered to come up with the most interesting application for the keyboard. Keyboard presentation in the context of the competition is available in this video .

It should be noted once again that this device is a prototype that will not be available for sale.

Second video:

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101690/

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