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The mystery of the dead girl on Google Street has become a reality


On Google Street View a lot of interesting things can be seen - and divers on the roads , and gangsters at the time of the robbery of the victim, and the waste products of birds on Google-mobile cameras, and even people with horse heads . Anything can happen, and the explanation of such frames is not difficult. But there are some really mysterious cases that few can explain. For example, a frame where you can clearly see the body of a girl lying on the road. This girl disturbed the minds of many - because if the dead children lie on the streets of quite civilized cities, what can be said about the quality of protection of residents by law enforcement officers? In general, this girl caused a lot of questions. The other day everything was resolved.

Do you think this is a doll thrown by someone on the road to create the appearance of a dead body? Nope, this is really a girl, only alive, but pretending to be dead. And by the way, she was not pretending to be a corpse for the Google Mobile cameras, she was playing. A somewhat strange game, but this girl decided to check how her friends would behave when they saw a girl "gone to a better world." Nothing is known about the reaction of friends, but at that moment the Google Mobile photographed the pretender, and thousands of people saw the "corpse".
The girl is calling Azura Bibijaun, she is 10 years old, and now she is fine, after revealing the secret she even became a celebrity. “I was overjoyed to hear that my photos were on the Internet. This is quite ridiculous, and I can’t wait any longer to report this to my classmates upon returning to school, ”the troublemaker commented on the situation.

Her mother, a young woman, lives quite well for herself, works in a good company and does not particularly worry about the girl’s behavior. In her interview with the Daily Mail, she said that she understood that this was her daughter’s photo, since she was constantly playing in this area.

In general, a rather funny story, if you don’t think about the reason why the driver (s) of the Google Mobile didn’t stop to find out what happened to the girl. It is unlikely that they have their doors locked during a trip around the city - and it is even less likely that they simply did not notice the girl lying on the side of the road.

Whatever it was, it remains only to wish the humorous girl good health and long life - perhaps we will hear more about her. In any case, such antics make the Google Street service even more interesting - and many fans of the unusual for hours looking for such cases on the service staff. And after all they find it!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101688/

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