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My employment

I love to go to job interviews. I can not help myself. I just enjoy this activity.

First of all, this is a challenge. It gives me an adrenaline rush. I am pleased with myself when I leave the interview undefeated. I am glad when I manage to answer all the questions, when all the tricky riddles of recruiters I click like seeds. In these moments, I understand that I am worth something. In the literal sense of the word. I am worth the money.

Secondly, when I go away from the interview wilted (and this is not rare), it gives me strength and motivates great. When I get bored and the fuse disappears, I go for an interview at some, even the most overwhelming, company.

Thirdly, I learn a lot of new things from interviews. I meet nice people, we communicate nicely, we drink tea, we exchange experiences. It so happened that I prompted some sort of technical solution to recruiters. But more often they tell me about something I did not know or did not understand before.
This is how the process of my employment looks in my head. I meet and communicate with people who are pleasant to me, and sometimes I agree to the work they offer me. My hands have not sweated for a long time and my knees are not shaking. If I do not know the answer to the question, I say this in plain text - this is how I save time for myself and other people. I have not been ashamed for a long time because I don’t know something or I don’t understand everything, because you can't know everything, that's why people have come up with a specialization.

But what this process looks like from recruitment agencies.

Experienced personnel officer explains to the novice:
In fact, this Vladimir Loshchin very suspicious type. No one knows whether he really needs a job or not. It seems that he goes to interviews only to make fun of employers! Argues with the experts! And recently, one employer himself came across him and then told the following story: that we invited him for an interview and ask him why you want to work with us? And he answers us with a cheeky mug: “It’s actually you invited me for an interview, so it’s like, you want me to work with you.”

In short, do not mess with him.

This is an artistic improvisation on the topic of a real conversation held within the walls of a very serious Novosibirsk recruitment agency.

At first, I laughed heartily at this story, and then I thought ... It turns out that I have earned myself a very negative assessment from a labor market player (or one employee of this player), who cannot be dropped from the account This is a major recruitment agency. But on the other hand, I absolutely do not understand how it is possible to associate my life (at least for a while) with the first desk I received? You do not do that with women? You can go on a date with a woman, sleep with her, but why marry? Indeed, in such a marriage, no one will be happy!

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