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Notification of letters by SMS

I set myself the task of free notifying important emails via SMS. For this, I chose Google Calendar, which allows me to send messages about upcoming events.
Googling for some time on the subject of automatically creating events in the calendar, I despaired and decided to create an event based on the calendar’s web interface.

For this, I did the following:
1. Got a new mailbox.
2. I make a forward from my mailbox to a new mailbox.
3. Created an XP virtual machine running under Win2003
4. On the virtual machine, launched The Bat, which automatically collects mail from a new mailbox.
5. When the letter appears, The Bat runs the Powerpro script .
6. The script launches Firefox, which by default opens the Google Calendar, sets the date, creates an event and closes Firefox.

If someone knows a civilized way, respond.
Thanks for brainstorming, I liked the proposal bliznezz to use googlecl

Thank you spqer for the link to the free email2sms service at NW Megaphone.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101677/

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