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My home theater

Hello colleagues,

More than three years ago, passing by a discounter store, I saw “Special offer - acoustics of the Eltax Summit for 110 Euros”. Surprised by the size of the box and the low price I purchased this miracle "for the future." For more than a year, the box was gathering dust in the closet, and at the end of 2007, I was finally forced to make repairs and at the same time equip a place for comfortable viewing of films. A few days ago, in comments to my posting about the 3D cinema t13s, asked me to describe my configuration, which I do.

And here is the configuration:
Projector Optoma HD 73
Denon AVR 1707 receiver
Acoustic Eltax Summit 6 channels
Subwoofer Eltax Thunder 10
I already had a player - Targa DRH 5400 HDD
The second player - some Panasonic (got for nothing)
Media Player Full-HD Media Player MEDION® LIFE® E85016 (MD 86209)
Electric screen (unfortunately I do not remember the brand)

At the time of writing the post, the links are valid and lead to the manufacturers' sites, there is no advertising, but some of the materials are in German, sorry.

For money, it turned out about the following (prices in Euros):

Projector - 1000
Receiver - 240
Acoustics - 110
Subwoofer - 140
Screen - 220
Wires and more - 150
Media Player - 50
With the exception of the media player, all of these are approximate 2007 prices in Germany.

In total - a little less than two thousand. In Russia, unfortunately, such a kit will cost half as much more expensive (Optoma HD73 in August 2007 cost about two thousand dollars in Russia). Before choosing, I wandered through relevant sites (thg.ru, pult.ru, ixbt.com, etc.). Alex Exler also collected something like that (I actually saw the idea with the screen in the niche) - take a look and go there.

The ceiling, the niche for the screen and the right wall are made of drywall on a wooden crate. The ceiling is two-level, it gave the opportunity to embed rear acoustics in the ceiling without protruding parts. Under the hypro-wall of the right wall all cables are laid.

The result is this:
(sorry for the mess - room occupied by children)

A little more about the components:

The projector chose Optoma brands for purely subjective reasons. This manufacturer is more focused on home theaters, other manufacturers mainly offered projectors with computer resolution. Optoma was “HD Ready” with a resolution of 1280 x 768. Also bought for low noise - 27 dB. Well, the store looked at pictures on different systems. DLP I really liked the picture quality. Again, before buying read reviews and reviews on the Internet . The brightness of the projector is enough even if you look at the daytime with just curtained windows (although in the dark it is certainly better).
The projector is mounted on a Noname holder. since I made a two-level ceiling during the repair, it was very easy to place the cables. I spent all the possible cables - three videos, HDMI, DVI and even RS232. Full HD HD80 projector cost at that time three times more expensive, with a small amount of available content, so it stopped on the model HD73.


The amplifier originally wanted Denon (I also like to listen to music, and Denon for music is the most). Also according to reviews on the Internet, Denon is mostly praised. Of course, the Denon 1707 with acoustics of the Eltax Summit is practically the lowest level, but the way that the kit plays is very good for me - a good soft sound. Stock for power is more than enough. It's nice that the microphone comes in a set - you need to put it on the place where you will listen to, press a couple of buttons - and the receiver will measure the distances to the speakers (it does this surprisingly precisely) and adjust itself and save levels. By the way, the acoustics (which turned out to be 4 ohms) did not quite fit the receiver, which is designed for 6 ohms - protection was triggered at high loudness during peaks. However, the sore miraculously went through when connecting according to the BiWiring scheme (that is, there are two pairs of wires from each frontal column - there are two pairs of terminals for this). The sound quality at the same time became a bit better (although the differences are on the verge of hearing). You can try the BiAmping scheme (when there are two amplifiers per channel per front), but I will lose the central rear channel. And so this is a 7.1 amplifier, configured for 6.1 acoustics.

Acoustics from the Danish company Eltax . Bought at a low price, as already mentioned above. The only inconvenience is the output of the phase inverter from behind, so that the front speakers cannot be moved close to the wall (and it is even more impossible to embed them into the false wall on the left and right of the screen). The rear speakers are built into the false ceiling. I first removed the decorative grilles, then screwed the speakers to the ceiling, sewed up the hyprocum and already attached the lattice to the hyproc (my wife was given a condition in advance "that nothing hung over my head and there was no snot")


Subwoofer of the same manufacturer as the main speakers. In general, Eltax, of course, is not top-end acoustics, but for its price it is quite a normal choice (for a start, anyway). Power Eltax Thunder 10 perhaps barely enough for a room of 25 square meters. meters If I took it now, I would probably take Atomic. However, for a more powerful subwoofer, it is necessary to better make a putty - plaster can be poured from the walls. For the subwoofer, a small indentation is made, so that it does not stick out so frankly. On the subwoofer is a column of the central channel (no rattling). In general, the subwoofer - one of the most important parts, as it turned out. A good sub can easily cost a few hundred.

The screen is two and a half meters in size with an electric drive - it is convenient to fold and unfold it. Bought on eBay, chemistry does not smell. Theoretically, it could be hooked up to the projector, so that it would turn itself on / off when turning it off, but did not bother - just put the switch on the blinds. The screen is recessed into a niche, so that in the raised position it is not visible.

Media Player MEDION® LIFE® E85016 (MD 86209) is similar to WD. In general, nothing special - a pair of USB, SD card reader, video / HDMI outputs and optical for sound. Reads all formats with a bang. In general, I have no comments (but in Russia it is not easy to get it, unfortunately). Cost in fifty dollars.

Cables are not the thinnest, but not gold, of course. Out, it seems seventy meters. I bought everything on eBay. Thicker cables, by the way, can not get into the terminals.

I improved the Ikea locker for the equipment (for 90 euros). He was originally with drawers. I threw out two middle drawers, put the shelf, and screwed the doors on the secretory hinges and fitted them with magnets, so that the upper one opens up and the lower one opens. It turned out even very convenient - with the lower door open, a sort of shelf is formed (see the photo at the beginning). I wanted to put the locks on, but the kids still can't handle the magnets.

That's all. The result is satisfied, the full feeling of the cinema both in sound and in the picture. In any case, an order of magnitude better than ordinary TV. Upgrade paths are already outlined - you can switch to Full HD (possibly with an eye on 3D), you can replace the acoustics. It is good to combine the initial construction with the repair - it is possible to lay all the cables in advance, think over the placement of the components. I hooked part of the light bulbs in the ceiling to the brightness control, so you can turn on a little bit of light, for example, to combine viewing with dinner.

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