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Hexxeh released a new Chromium OS Vanilla


Today, comrade Hexxeh announced the launch of a new build of Chromium OS , which has the code name Vanilla. In his blog, he gives the assembly a beta-quality label. He also stresses that this build may still not be stable enough for some people, but seem quite stable for others.
When downloading this beta-quality build, you should be aware that its operation is not guaranteed at all. There were no user tests, we simply mark some builds as “tested” to show that they are loaded and have a basic level of functionality. However, if the build is running from you (there is every chance of that), you can expect to work with the latest version of Chromium OS.

Hexxeh clarifies that the new Chromium OS Vanilla is actually an unmodified version, unlike his previous works Chromium OS Zero and Flow. That is, the source code is presented by Google developers in its original form.
This means that you will not have to wait any longer for my releases to try the latest and coolest version that Chromium OS offers. You can simply download the latest version of Chromium OS Vanilla from the link below and work with the latest official build.

Below is a list of the main changes affecting the assembly:

Further details about the new distribution of Chromium OS will appear over time. As Hexxeh himself explained, due to the fact that there is almost no human participation in the production of daily updated assemblies, the entire project as a whole is not protected from errors and risk.
Those who are not afraid of the prospect of being disappointed in Chromium OS Vanilla, you can download the build here .

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Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101671/

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