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Yatv.ru site trailer

Made a trailer site yatv.ru. Now we see where to grow further and what to consider for the future. In particular, the dynamics should still be slightly less, but what are our years :)

Nice viewing:
(while it is loaded you can read the updated section on the creation of trailers, now it is clear what kind of work we do)

A word to the authors of the portal:

What is YATV?

The YaTV Universal Media Platform is a handy set of tools for creating your own media channel, designed for both professional producers and the average Internet user who would like to play big TV.

The platform relies on three whale videos:
• live broadcasts (live broadcasting),
• video on demand (VoD),
• automated broadcast.

Key services:
• Multifunctional broadcasting studio for creating and managing live broadcasts
• Media management (uploading, editing attributes, access), moreover, 10 Gb is provided for the archive with almost no limit on the size of downloaded files.
• Autopilot (automated broadcast)
• Statistics (live broadcasts and recordings)
• Advertising opportunities (connecting ad campaigns through AdRiver)
• Social services for communication with the audience (chat, calls to the studio, comments

The main criterion for choosing a company to create a promotional video (trailer) of the site yatv.ru was the western approach and execution.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, there are such companies in Russia that, besides this, could have done everything quickly, efficiently, and most importantly with soul, can be counted on fingers.

After the first meeting with Innocent from the trailer studio of the SKVO, it became clear that we were on the same wavelength.

In general, everything was done at a decent level, starting with the writing of the script and ending with the operational adjustments. The result on the face - we liked it :)

Ilya Korolev
Co-founder of YaTV

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101668/

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