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Low-cost Internet and mobile communications in Europe - sharing experience

I read with interest about the next scheme to reduce the cost of communication in roaming. Since I myself recently encountered this problem, let me arrange a topic for the exchange of experience.

To begin, tell you how it was with us. For 3 weeks we drove by car through several countries: Russia-Belarus-Poland-Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Italy. Throughout the trip to Europe lived in campgrounds. In all countries, the situation is about the same: there is a place for a tent and a car, electricity, water at the campsite. And as a rule, there is Internet in various forms and for a relatively small fee. For about 3 euros per day, having a laptop, you can get either Wi-Fi at a decent speed, or a 3G modem (a bit more expensive, but more convenient). There are more options for wired Internet with a computer, but it is more expensive and, if you have a laptop, you do not need it. Call, respectively, can be via Skype without any problems. But this is only for overnight stays.

However, there was often a need to call or surf the Internet on the road - find the nearest campsite and find out at the reception if there are places and until what time you can call on them. I specifically mention the regular need to specifically call, because otherwise it would be possible to simply use the POI of the navigation system to search for a place to sleep or sights.
In large cities, there are usually Internet cafes, but they need to be searched. As an option - a cafe with free Wi-Fi. I also met an interesting thing - Wi-Fi-network of Skype with per-minute payment from your Skype-account. But it is rare. There are pay phones with cash or card. Also quite acceptable. But all this is only in the cities.

But in the villages, on the highway or somewhere in the mountains with communication is very difficult. We had phones in the usual MTS roaming with the price of 79 rubles per minute of incoming and outgoing calls. The World Without Borders service is only useful for long calls, and for minute calls, on the contrary, the subscriber will still have to pay.

These are the observations. Now, the actual questions.

1. Is it advisable to buy a SIM of a European operator? I have met many Vodafone salons, but the next thing is there: you can buy a sim card for 20 euros, which will be credited to the account. The price of a conversation around the country is 20 cents per minute. Calls to other European countries - 60 cents. When you leave the country with this SIM you get roaming. Tariffs there are also rather big. One word, it is tolerant in the country, but if you travel across several countries, it is expensive to pay 20 euros each or include expensive roaming. As I understand it, for residents of the country you can connect on much more favorable terms with an annual contract. But it is impossible for us. Are there any cheaper options for non-residents?

2. Is it not better to use tourist sim cards like Goodline? Are there any problems with them - for example, they don't work everywhere?

3. How common is 3G coverage in Europe? Whether everywhere where catches mobile, is 3G?

4. For some reason, on Vodafone's 3G Internet, there is a separate tariff plan with a separate SIM card and modem. Unfortunately, I did not have time to find out the prices. Is it possible to simplify and cheapen it? For example, do operators allow you to use your 3G phone or is it always necessary to buy their modem? How to be when traveling to several countries - again, each time concluding a new contract?

5. Are there other types of wireless communication: Wi-MAX, EV-DO? If so, how to use them? Can I bring a laptop with WiMAX or a Skylink modem with me and just buy a local SIM card?

In general, it is clear that if there is Internet and Skype, then mobile communication, in principle, is not much needed. So more interested in all the options for affordable and affordable mobile Internet everywhere. I apologize in advance for confusing questions.

A big request to write those who have real experience. Thank!

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