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Does porn have a future?

“The Internet is the worst thing that has happened to the porn industry.”
Bert milton

It is no secret that the commercialization of the Internet began with pornography. This industry has for many years been a technological and commercial network driver. Technologies such as electronic payments, broadband connection, streaming video have gained popularity due to sites with pictures and clips for adults.

But today, this industry is in crisis: manufacturers say about a 30-50% drop in revenues , the value of shares of one of the leaders of the Private Media Group market is constantly decreasing, and participants complain about a small number of surveys. Savannah Stern (Savannah Stern), a 23-year-old porn star, complains that she used to be paid $ 1,000 for a shooting day, and now only 700, while the number of offers has decreased dramatically. However, according to Stephen Yagielowicz (Stephen Yagielowicz), head of analytical agency XBIZ Research , "it is impossible to accurately estimate the size of the market, because it consists of many private non-transparent companies."
Figures of the porn industry main problems associated with the popularity of YouTube-like sites, filled with pirated content.

They say that only 20-30% of the content on the Internet is legal, everything else that you can see or buy is stolen. They try to fight this problem with standard methods. For example, in Vivid Entertainment there are two people who watch porn sites all day long in search of stolen content, after which they demand its removal, threatening to sue. Other companies simply prohibit downloading purchased videos , allowing only online viewing, or implement DRM . But these are only half measures.

Today, youtube-like sites have become the most visited porn sites. But they are working on the verge of profitability, with great difficulty extracting profits, while killing the main model of earnings in the industry - pay-per-view, the revenues from which have fallen over the past five years twice.

These sites can not earn, because their audience is not ready to pay, and as a result they are not interesting to advertisers. Steven Hirsch, director of Vivid Entartainment, says that among visitors to traditional sites, 1 out of 200-400 people are willing to pay for content, while on YouTube-like services only 1 out of 8,000-10,000. According to him, he was approached the purchase of one of these resources, which is in the TOP-3 by attendance, but at the same time collecting only $ 120,000 per month for advertising. But in this case, Hirsch is an interested person, and he does not want to breed his competitors. According to other sources, the income of such sites is significantly higher, for example, a group of sites Brazzers , estimated by insiders , earns about $ 3 million per month due to advertising and paid accounts.

The Russian segment of this market prefers on this state of affairs rather than suffers: poor control over the distribution of products by manufacturers allows webmasters to earn on pirated content, the share of which is estimated by insiders to be about 99%. Our main problems are related to the infrastructure, in particular, the acceptance of payments. After mobile operators began to fight SMS payments for porn content, it became problematic to monetize it.

It seems to be a good situation for consumers: a lot of high-quality content is available for free on websites and torrents. But if you look more broadly at the entire economic system, you can see negative feedback, which can lead to the bankruptcy of the industry and the termination of the release of new porn :
  1. Sites steal content from manufacturers and offer it for free;
  2. Consumers go to such sites and do not pay producers;
  3. Producers are left without money and go bankrupt, stopping shooting new films;
  4. Sites remain without new videos and advertisers and also go bankrupt;
  5. As a result, consumers are left without new content and sites with old.

Of course, film production will continue even in such a situation. But it will be products for narrow segments of the solvent audience, that is, lovers of any perversions that cannot be found on a regular website. There will also continue to operate porn sites that generate traffic and sell ads to services that host prostitutes profiles. In addition to them, there will be sites that sell non-replicable products, for example, online video chats, or any exotic thing, such as virtual reality or gadgets that provide tactile sensations, according to Stephen’s opinion, the future.

Obviously, this system is not unique to the porn industry. For example, news agencies, musicians, authors of books, producers of traditional films, etc. also live. But due to a number of features, such as the absence of non-porn advertisers, the situation in the adult entertainment industry is developing faster.

An example of the porn industry will show whether content producers will be able to find a worthy response to the challenges of the time or will have to stop their activities. This we can find out very soon, literally in 3-5 years.

What do you think: does porn have a future?

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