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Peter Zaitsev will answer all your questions.

image Peter Zaitsev - MySQL Performance Expert, former High Perfomance Team Leader at MySQL Inc., MySQLPerformanceBlog.com blog host, and finally, CEO Percona Inc.

October 17 at the office of the company "Parcsis" (Samara city) a seminar will be held by Peter Zaitsev. Participation in the seminar is free, but unfortunately, the number of participants is limited to the walls of our audience and about 40 people will get to the event. I would like to invite people to whom it will be really interesting and useful. The seminar was originally designed for high-level specialists - really assess your knowledge so that you don’t feel bored.

We ask everyone to attend the seminar in advance to fill out the form , since the number of places is limited.

I am sure that this event will be interesting not only to developers from the Samara region, but also from nearby areas.


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