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The killer of your time

Hi% username%! Today I will talk about the new service , which has one goal - to comfortably kill time.

Many of you love flipping Idioteku on the site of the very one whose name is not called out loud, like comic strips by various authors, funny pictures and fotozhaby. I love them too, and the most gusto - when the tape of pictures is long, you have time to warm up and each new picture seems even funnier than the previous one.

I wanted to make a convenient and easy service, where we all could share such content , the service is easy and convenient, which would be convenient to use even from the phone (at a lecture, in a cafe, at a train station, on a train, in line for a new passport).

Actually service: picroulett.ru

A peculiar graphic bash.org, but which can be without inconvenience (some read more quickly, others more slowly, it is not visible to someone, etc.) to watch by a whole group of friends.


There are a huge number of websites with pictures and caricatures in Runet, but they are usually overloaded with garbage and advertising , each half-megabyte tail of garbage goes to each 10kb picture.

I would be happy to receive feedback and advice, perhaps in a minimalist service, everything is too simplified or, on the contrary, something else can be removed.

PS The picture does not change automatically, but on click, the project was conceived as a ribbon of pictures with a good rating, like a ribbon of a tower.org.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101647/

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