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Business in Russian: Vkontakte will know your phone number anyway

Today, as on any other day, they sent me another link to an interesting video posted on the vkontakte.ru service. Since I deleted my account from there a long time ago, for these purposes I used a specially registered account with minimal fields filled with information, tied to my own previously created mailbox. What was my surprise when, instead of following the link to the video itself, the title page of VKontakte appeared to me with this information:


Honestly, I was a bit taken aback. There was not a single friend in the profile of my page, no contact data, the profile was not marked on any of the videos / photos, I wasn’t in any groups, and there was nothing on the page at all except a few fields filled with hyphens to achieve a rating in 35%. The e-mail to which the account was linked was used only for registration, later I did not specify it anywhere, and naturally, the password from the e-mail was different from the account password. That is, absolutely no obvious motive for hacking the page, no one could have.

A small loss - I thought, because I don’t have to create another account and don’t fool my head, but I decided to blink it all the same.
For the sake of interest, clicked on the link "how could I have been hacked?". Damn it, because maybe I am stupid and just do not understand how I could get this useless account away? I press, the following piece of information appears before my eyes, designed to convince me that my distraction and carelessness is to blame:


And then I began to rage on the sly, because:

So, what would suggest me to do any web service in a similar situation? Obviously, change the password and send a new one to the email address!
The system itself suggested that I enter a new password:


Then comes the climax - for the sake of which everything was started:


Phone! Damn it, they also need my phone to validate my page and send a confirmation code so that if something happens, I can recover the password to my beloved page! To make sure that I am a real person ! The devil you take it, I'm a man, I used my account for two years so that I had the opportunity to watch photos and videos from your site, what else do you need? You forbid me to enter the site, slip a convincing explanation for your actions, and want to say that the panacea for all dangers will be my phone number specified in the appropriate field?

I don't give a damn about this banned page, I hate to think about those thousands of netizens who go to this scam and see a warning about “hacking the page” and grab for their heart and without thinking about trying to get their phone numbers and sending a confirmation code, will breathe easier.

In conclusion, I would say that I would not have sat down to write this post if the system showed me a notice that further use of the service is prohibited if I do not indicate my contact details.
It makes me sad how lowly they try to extract this information from users.

Of course, I will not hear the reaction from the administration of the site here, I wrote it simply because I can not put up with the same situation in silence.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101637/

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