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We RMAzing in Silicon Valley

So, a few hours remain before the start in Silicon (aka Silicon) valley of a unique two-week internship at Silicon Trip 2010, organized by the RMA innovation and education company for students of the faculty in Internet Technology Management. Tickets are bought, suitcases are collected, phrasebooks of the Russian-silicone language are scattered around the pockets - California, here we come!

The delegation going to the USA includes a little more than 30 people. In addition to the faculty brethren, students and graduates themselves, these are partners and teachers of the program, whose names are known to anyone more or less interested in the Internet industry: Anton Nosik (bfm.ru), Sonya Sokolova (zvuki.ru, soundkey.ru), Inessa Ishunkina ( TNS), Emin Aliyev (Buongiorno), Lyudmila Kudryavtseva (Ashmanov and partners), Maria Chernitskaya (iConText), and Damir Khalilov, head of the SMM-GreenPR agency (providing, by the way, social media - project support).

During the trip, we plan to visit silicon Internet companies and study in detail how everything functions from the inside. It should be noted that giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Access and young promising Internet projects have readily responded to our proposal for cooperation and exchange of experience.
The program of the trip includes visits to company offices, conversations with top managers about the main directions of Internet business development, discussion of the problems our American friends face and ways to overcome them successfully, as well as numerous discussions about the prospects and trends of the Internet industry.
It is worth noting that during the entire internship, its participants will have the opportunity to communicate with the top officials of the listed companies: CEOs, department heads, and key business directors are ready to answer their questions. In addition, for special guests from Russia, it is planned to organize several lectures on various aspects of innovative business and online commerce, which professors of Stanford University will read.

On the pages of Habr, we plan to regularly, throughout the trip, publish stories about our journey, meetings and impressions. And in order to give interactivity to these posts, right now we are announcing the beginning of a contest of questions. To this end, a schedule will be posted on the blog in advance, indicating the companies that we are going to visit in the coming days. The question to one of these companies / speaker, who got the most votes, automatically wins in a separate round of the competition. And not only gets the opportunity to be given at a meeting, but also earns his author a prize, one way or another connected with this company.

In the schedule for the first day of the trip, August 14: lectures at Stanford University (by the way, in one of its most beautiful buildings

Forest Glick (Forest Glick) , Director of Educational Technology Management Science and Engineering (a lecture on Stanford, the Valley and how this stronghold was built with the latest technologies)

Jeff Johnson, President and Chief Consultant, UI Wizards Corporation (lecture on the new, not yet published in Russia, book Designing with the Mind in Mind)

Kenji Kato (Kenji Kato) , in addition to being a specialist NASA, develops programs for Apple. His iConcessionStand took the top prize at the latest iPadDevCamp 2010.


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