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Google Chrome 6 has switched to beta status

The beta of Google Chrome was updated exactly yesterday, which was ignored by the developers since June 23, which is not in the order of things for Lame. To be frank, I decided that Google would give up the refusal of the beta channel, especially considering the existence of two branches under the auspices of Google (dev and Canary) + free Chromium. But Google users dispelled my suspicions by preparing a beta release of the 6th Google Chrome, which hints at a speedy stable release.

The developers declare the following changes:
one). Changed interface (about it a bit later).
2). Implementing auto-complete forms.
3). Synchronization extensions and auto-complete
four). Traditional V8 Javascript engine acceleration
five). HTML5 support extension

I got used to the new interface already in Chromium, but users of Stable releases have to prepare for the interface re-cutting. The changes affected two menu items (showing how it is in stable):
one). Action Bar:
2). Menu Bar:

In the beta version, the designers turned the action panel into a laser-cut panel, and all menu items were piled into one heap under one button, as in Opera 10.50 and Firefox 4. The decision is ambiguous, considering that it was impossible to return as a graphical interface, but through the command found nothing in the parameters. Everything looks something like this (extensions do not count, disable laziness, otherwise I’ll forget to include it):
As for the other miracles, I will not dwell on them in detail. The performance gain compared to the 5th version was at the level of 15%, as the engineers assert.

James Hawkins will talk about auto-complete capabilities:

Sync extensions delivers. Soon it will be possible to forget about the nightmarish Russian-language catalog of extensions , in which nothing could be understood, for there are no informative categories. You have to envy the thoughtful directories of Firefox and Safari.

Beta can be downloaded from the following links:
* Windows winders
* Makovodam syudy
* There are many kudas for linuxoids:
** Debianubutovodam 32 uhbitnogo bottling
** They are the same, but in 64-bit configuration
** Do not forget, and 32 uhbitnyh FedoroopenSyuZnikov
** 64hbiters also did not hurt

The rest, according to Google, will find and assemble everything themselves. I hope that in the next versions Chrome will provide an opportunity to customize the appearance of the browser to your own taste, and not how the brilliant uncles-designers decide. In general, after all, the release is successful, IMHO.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101629/

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