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In Korolyov, they made an electric minibus (with nanocapacitors)

Engineers from Korolev near Moscow developed a prototype of a fixed-route taxi on an electric motor that can appear on the streets of the capital already in 2012, RIA Novosti reports .

Russian engineers took as a model the serial “Ducato”, removed the engine and gearbox from it, and put in place each drive wheel an engine of its own production, the so-called “motor-wheel”. Two such engines are 36 stationary coils and around them are two rows of magnets. The car can move normally even with one impeller.

The development of Russian engineers is protected by seven patents. They claim that the engine efficiency is 98%.
To increase the battery life, special nano-capacitors are used. According to the engineers, they accumulate energy when braking, that is, they work in a similar way to the well-known KERS system, which is used in Formula 1, but has not been installed on a commercial city car by anyone in the world.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101624/

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