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IT friend's best friend

Birthday only once a year

Everyone knows (and to whom it is not known - I inform) that the best friend of an IT specialist is not a clave, and not a mouse, but a cat. Well, or a cat.

Warm lamp kote brings retribution soothes naughty nerves, delivers (hehe) a lot of positive emotions and helps us to at least sometimes break away from the monitor.
I dedicate this topic to our helpers in life.

UPD: Under a cat the HUGE amount of traffic flow! (more than 50 megabytes of photos. My FF just dies from this sheet ...)

In one of the neighboring comments received an offer to add pussy to every Friday post. I think it would be too hard, so I just decided to create only one topic, but feline to a disgrace :) What I am doing for the first time (I hope) in the history of Habr.

Habrayuzer! Show your kote . Tell me how unique you are.

UPD2: From the comment to this topic: If you can get a kitten here, then I promise to call it “Habr”

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101620/

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