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Firefox 4 beta 3 released

The third beta version of the Firefox 4.0 web browser is available for download.

What's new in Firefox 4 beta 3: Release Notes

* Available in 34 languages, including Russian;
* Support for touch control on Windows 7;
* The default tabs are at the top in Windows and OSX, on Linux you will need to apply the appropriate setting;
* In the Smart Location panel, you can search and switch to existing tabs;
* Stop and Refresh buttons merged into one on Windows, Mac, and Linux;
* The bookmarks bar has been replaced by the default tab button (it is possible to switch back).

Among other changes:
* A new representation of values ​​in JavaScript, thanks to which Firefox now more effectively executes "heavy" code (used in graphics and animation);
* Web developers can now animate content using CSS Transitions;
* Responsiveness and scrolling are now more productive thanks to the new layer system;
* More optimized engine and, as a result, improved JavaScript;
* Changed XPCOM element registration to improve process separation;
* New add-on manager and extension management API (their user interface will be changed before the final release);
* Significant API improvements for the interface of external functions JS-ctypes;
* Protection against the fall of the browser for Windows, Linux and Mac in case of failure of the plug-in Adobe Flash, Apple QiuckTime or Microsoft Silverlight;
* Partial support for CSS Transitions;
* Implemented full support for WebGL (disabled by default);
* Native support for HD HTML WebM video;
* Experimental support for rendering Direct2D in Windows (disabled by default);
* Web developers can use Websockets;
* Web developers can update the URL field without reloading the page using the HTML History API;
* More responsive page rendering due to the "lazy" construction of frames;
* View link history asynchronously to ensure better responsiveness during page load;
* New HTML5 parser;
* Supports more HTML5 management forms.

Russian version:

For windows
For Mac OSX
For Linux

English version:

For windows
For Mac OSX
For Linux

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101615/

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