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Today PicFor.Me is 2 years old

Here and again in the country is a holiday, our brainchild Social bookmarks on pictures TWO years, date of birth, we consider the day when the first post about our service was written.

Over the year, our audience has grown 4 times, and the number of bookmarks has already been measured in millions.

We added registration / authorization via twitter, facebook, google.
Our users can join in groups , so you can collect pictures with other users, an example of such a group Faces (there are more than 400 participants).

One of the most interesting opportunities is to help in localizing picfor.me to your native language.
So it was added Spanish, Turkish and French. We are preparing to launch Romanian and Esperanto !!!

We have a chat in which users can both write to each other and communicate via webcam. There you can see which of your friends are online.

But on the Live page you can see which pictures your friends add, but in truth, it has not yet been implemented so it would be called a “real-time update”.

We started cooperation with the service of hosting pictures Bildero.com , which provide us with their servers for storing pictures, and we need it, because the traffic for the last month was 14TB, which by itself requires fault tolerance.

Recently, we opened a section on selling photos sale.picfor.me. Thus, we want to earn some more money and help them earn others.

Well, some dry statistics (for those who understand):

Site Usage for last 30 days (by Google Analytics)
* 460,739 Visits
* 11,181,334 Pageviews
* 24.27 Pages / Visit

mysql> select count (id) from megausers where status = 'active';
+ ---------- +
| count (id) |
+ ---------- +
| 102623 |
+ ---------- +
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select count (id) from images where status = 'active';
+ ---------- +
| count (id) |
+ ---------- +
| 1200552 |
+ ---------- +
1 row in set (0.83 sec)

Bookmarks on pictures
mysql> select count (id) from saveimages where status = 'active';
+ ---------- +
| count (id) |
+ ---------- +
| 3625706 |
+ ---------- +
1 row in set (1.17 sec)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101614/

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