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Five reasons not to buy a Streak smartphone from Dell


As you know, Dell is going to release a device that combines the functions of a tablet computer and a smartphone. It seems that this is a classic case, when in pursuit of two hares you can be left with nothing. PCWorld magazine studied information about the Streak smartphone and came to the conclusion that there are at least five reasons why you should not buy this device.

1. Price
Streak costs $ 300 with a two-year contract - that's a hundred more than the price of an average smartphone, such as Droid 2, Blackberry Torch 9800, or Apple iPhone 4. Without a contract with a Streak operator, it costs $ 550 - a fifty dollars more than the cheapest iPad in which, by the way, the screen is twice as large, and a hundred more expensive than the iPod Touch. Actions like “buy a phone and get a second for free” are not provided, so if you need half a dozen Streak handsets for business, you will have to fork out.

2. Android 1.6
We know that the Android 1.6 operating system can be manually upgraded to version 2.2. And yet, why Dell is putting on its new smartphones the old version of Android, and the upgrade promises, though this year, but later? What is it - laziness (especially considering that the exit Streak and so postponed)? Or a demonstration of Dell's marketing policy? In any case, for a high price, consumers want to get more, and no less.
3. AT & T
Another mistake Dell - that the company entered into an agreement with only one mobile operator - AT & T. The limited choice of telecom operator deters many potential customers. That Apple can afford to have AT & T’s sole partner and still sell millions of iPhones. But Dell is not Apple.

4. Smartphone vs Tablet PC
The most serious problem for Dell is the need to convince customers that they need a hybrid of a smartphone and a tablet. In fact, you will have a thin, but wide and long device that is not very convenient to use for conversations. At the same time, the video will have to be watched on a relatively small screen - after all, it’s more of a smartphone than a “reader”. The Streak screen is only 0.7 inches bigger than the Droid 2 and HTC Evo screens. One of the advantages of the Streak is that it can be carried in your pocket, but your pocket should be rather big. At the same time, the iPad will cost you less, and its screen is almost twice as large (Streak - 5 inches, iPad - 9.7 inches). Well, if you are satisfied with watching a video on a five-inch screen, then, most likely, you will get along without problems with the screen of a regular 4.3-inch smartphone.

5. The Dork Factor
How many people will want to use a phone that covers half a face? Usually, users want to see the smartphone small and light, and not the size of a walkie-talkie.
Now in the world there are alternative solutions for business people who like hybrids. For example, a Freescale laptop for $ 200. Its seven-inch touch screen can be detached from the keyboard and used as a tablet.
But, we must pay tribute, Streak is not only flaws. Gorilla glass makes it durable, there is a 5 megapixel rear camera and a VGA front camera. However, these ideas have found application in other, more popular, smartphones. In general, Dell is trying to create a niche for itself - something intermediate between a smartphone and a tablet computer, but not the fact that it exists.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101612/

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