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Qualityvator - discover your qualities!

image Hi% username%! So it happened that Habr, long ago took a worthy place in the list of my daily-visited resources, to which I am actually pleased and grateful to Habr for this, and also for the fact that you can find a lot of interesting things in it, and here is a prime example ...
One hot July day I read to a very interesting note on Habré - “Learn the right things” (I recommend to get started with the material before reading this). So I liked the quality development method that Franklin invented that I decided to write another bike to try to make the world a better place.
We all understand that “before changing the world, we must start with ourselves” (c), which is why good Uncle Franklin suggested his own way by which he can better control his virtues. Without hesitation, I decided to try this method on myself, just as he did, I noted every single day in the notebook the qualities I had taken, and tried to be more serious and more attentive to their development, and to my surprise with each following week, my the table had fewer and fewer black dots and I really improved some of my qualities. Understanding in the end that this method is really working, if you take it seriously and have a desire to develop qualities in yourself, I decided to make this tool more accessible and convenient for everyone by creating the Qualityvator service.
It works almost as well as the paper version of Franklin, so I think it makes no sense to copy-paste it, because this is in the “Learn the Right Things” material and on the tool resource itself.
The project is still in beta, so there may be minor shortcomings and other misunderstandings, for which I apologize in advance and ask you to let me know about it, and also to communicate your suggestions and wishes.
Thirsting for self-improvement - welcome!


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101611/

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