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From favorites: Luminescene

The Luminescene project is a web-based publication on contemporary art with a hardworking editorial staff, regular updates and a serious approach.

The subject matter of the press release is “art in all its manifestations accessible to the viewer through the global computer network.”
In fact, the main focus of the project is on the visual arts: illustrations, motion-design, computer graphics. Despite the fact that many of the presented works are commercial, in most cases the conversation about art is more than appropriate. The sense of taste does not fail the editors.

The site regularly maintained the news feed (there are also RSS). In addition, you can see the catalog of studios, illustrators, animators and other single creators and creative groups (with links to original sources), as well as read reviews.
The most recommended section is “Interview”. High-quality, interesting and illustrated conversations held specifically for the readers of Luminescene .

For those who prefer to read English, there is a english version . Which is typical, absolutely not lagging behind the Russian-speaking.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1016/

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