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The impact of computer games on society

Twenty years ago, the innocent entertainment of geeks from scientific laboratories, over time, computer games became an industry that was almost equal to the cinema (the film industry in the US in 2009 exceeded $ 10 billion, of which $ 2 billion is in Avatar’s account, the gaming industry’s revenues more than $ 9 billion).

Now the game industry is divided into several large segments. PC for the most difficult AAA-class games or, on the contrary, for the simplest casual projects in social networks. Sony Playstation and X-Box compete in the most mainstream gaming markets, Wii relies on interactivity.

Meanwhile, politicians want to use the new environment for their own purposes. The games are created, the purpose of which is to promote the correct ideological image of the American army, 1C seeks contact with the state in the Russian Federation, trying to get budgets for the creation of patriotic games for Russians. New special games are being actively developed, so, in the game Climate Challenge 2010, participants will have to stop global warming. Another team of gamers is working to find a way to survive without using oil.
Many employers say that gamers are better able to work in a team and are more purposeful. Entertainment in the form of games after work no longer causes puzzled looks, on the contrary, adults compete in quite serious championships.

There are clumsy, funny cases bordering on spam. In Britain, a harmless toy with a pink elephant was released, and then all the players began to receive emails calling for voting.

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