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RBK Money lowers tariffs when paying with cards

As I promised earlier, we reduced the transaction processing fee when paying with Visa and MasterCard credit cards from 3% to 2.5%. The tariff is taken from the user when replenishing an electronic wallet, and when paying in an online store - from the user or the store itself, at the option of the latter.

We understand that 2.5% is still a lot, so in the near future we will continue to gradually reduce this tariff. In addition, we are finishing the testing of payments using American Express and Diners cards, which may be useful to those who work with foreign customers.

By the way, I would like to know your opinion on how best to build billing when replenishing a wallet with bank cards. Today there are 2 models - such as ours and the one on which PayPal works.
Our scheme is replenishment of the wallet from the card and then payment. This is how most similar systems work, such as Moneybookers. We charge a fee to replenish the cash to offset the cost of acquiring, and the internal payment is almost free.

PayPal scheme is different in that they do not share the replenishment and payment. They have a money sending rate at which the source is a card that looks quite large, but includes the cost of acquiring, and the commission of PayPal itself.

What do you think, which scheme is clearer to the user and less frightening? ;)
Or maybe you would have done very differently? I will be glad to hear any opinions.

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