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Creative Internet marketer, ambitious brand manager, outstanding promotion specialist, organizer of creative advertising companies, managing social media, purposeful startup director, modern internet business development consultant ...

And no resume has the word professional

And this is not a figment of my imagination - absolutely all epithets were indicated in various resumes of specific applicants for the position of marketing director. And people seriously say "I am a creative Internet marketer" and continue with the same seriousness "I don’t use Google analytics, marketing is such a thing - it’s more and more intuitive."
And if it was one person, then it could be called an accident, but this is a very sad trend, when a lot of people who do not know how call themselves professionals and want to receive a salary in 4K just for beautiful conversations.

In the article I want to talk a little about the main thing that was lost behind the words creative, web two-zero, a startup.

Internet marketing in their methods is no different from conventional marketing. All the same - positioning, analysis of market segments, competitive analysis. Then, a promotion strategy is developed on this basis, which is later adjusted on the basis of real indicators obtained from the analysis of visits and sales.

As you can see the word analysis is much more common. ANALYSIS, not intuition.

Marketing can be creative, partisan, tough - whatever else. But it should be marketing, not porridge from SMO, SEO, tweeter, contact, press release distribution, work with bloggers and online media.

Yes, you can conduct corporate twitter and have more than 9000 followers, but if the company leads it just to be, then it will not give any result.

You can order articles from fashion bloggers, but this will give one-time traffic, most likely with very low conversion.

You can make an awesome list of keywords and bring the service to the first place in the search, and then find out that the input pages to which the client gets from the search are written so ugly that the conversion is less than 1%.

By the way, many in the interview calmly asked, “What do you mean by conversion?”.

Internet marketing is not entertainment, not a game with the aim of getting a portion of the drive, and not less complicated and painstaking work than managing the entire product development.

No one doubts that a person with 7 years of experience in IT should work as a technical director, but for some reason it is considered normal to take on the position of director for the promotion of a creative boy with a well-suspended language who can speak beautifully and draw presentations.

That is, the classic situation of the formation of such a specialist is as follows. An acquaintance with the founder got into one startup, made on the money of the investor. On the web of a two-lonely, I pissed away all the money for “intuitive marketing”, moved to another startup already “with experience”, then to the next. The salary grows with every transition, the opinion about their professional achievements, too, and at the exit we have nothing that can do nothing about the asshole who wants a salary in 4K in order to drown with the next startups and go to the next.

And precisely because of non-professional staff working in promotion and sales, half of all potentially successful startups die.

It is much more difficult to work in a startup than in an established company, and therefore the requirements for personnel in startups should be much higher than in established companies

And for some reason, the opposite happens. None of the “specialists” described by me will send a resume to HeadHunter because they know that the fig doesn't really know how, but calmly sends their resume on all new Internet services, generously cheering it with the words “proactive, creative, charismatic, ambitious workaholic, multitasking, perfect look, western mentality ".

But the reality is that any creative workaholic without specific knowledge will quietly have a specialist without a Western mentality on the field of marketing, who works from 9 to 18 with a lunch break, but who knows his business.

Creativity, charisma, western mentality, enthusiasm for the idea, burning eyes - all this is great and a real advantage, but if professionalism comes first, then everything else.

Professionals - where are you?

Where are marketers who know how to work with the market, analyze the cost of attracting customers for each method of promotion and highlight segments for promotion. Where are commercial directors who know how to build and develop a sales network, not in theory, but in practice, who traveled around the country and made many successful partnership deals. Where the hell are the specialists, not the creative pi & doboli with well-hung tongues. Of the 87 resumes reviewed in two weeks and 12 interviews, not a single professional with real skills and accomplishments, but creativity is still rushing into a plug-in fountain.

For those who want to work in this area in the future, I want to give three tips.

1) Do not rush immediately to the position of director of marketing. Without real work experience 95% that this will end badly. Find a job as an assistant in a normal company and gain experience.

2) Learn. Visit several courses on classic marketing, read at least pop Trout, learn how to work with analytics, read books on identifying segments in the market, analyzing competitors on analyzing the results of advertising campaigns.

3) Realize the simple fact. Creativity, workaholicity, ambitiousness in their pure form mean nothing. Looking for professionals.

References to our vacancies, about which I spoke in the article.


We are still looking for specialists and we will be happy to accept true professionals to our team.

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