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“DamNaVremena.ru” - Social rental service


Dear users!

In the middle of the summer of 2010, work began on the development of the unique on the Russian Internet market service “DamNaVremena.ru” ( http://damnavremya.ru ). The service is designed to fill the empty niche of such a promising direction as the organization of the rental system of any things between service users, with the help of which they can not only rent any thing without buying it, but also earn money by renting their things.
The mechanism of the service is simple: any user registered on “DamNaVremena.ru” has a personal account at his disposal, where he can upload an unlimited number of items for hire (“lots”). At the same time, the user gets a powerful platform for promoting his lots with the help of the internal services “DamNaVremena.ru”.

For those who are looking for a rental item, the service provides a system for searching lots in its database and a convenient system for conducting a deal - “Fair Play”.

The model of monetization “DamNaVremena.ru” is simple: the service can act as an agent when making lease transactions, withholding payment and pledge (if any) on the transaction until the parties fully fulfill their obligations (until the item is returned to the owner). For its services, the service takes 10 percent of the transaction amount. Thus, the user who has found the tenant for his thing, receives all the necessary documents and instructions for the transaction, as well as the immediate arbitrator represented by the site, which stores all the information on the tenant on its servers. The tenant pays for the rental services for the lot directly through the internal financial system of the DamNaVremena.ru service, thereby ensuring the transparency of financial calculations and recording the fact of the transaction.

Sergey Zadoyanny, known in the network under the pseudonym Sergey Znamensky, the founder of “DamNaVremena.ru”, says about his service as follows: “The niche for renting things rented by ordinary people, the so-called“ social rental ”, is practically not covered in the Internet. Those services that offer this service act only as an aggregator of scattered messages about the possibility of renting something; These services do not provide people who want to rent their things, neither convenient functionality, nor any guarantees for the transaction. We, on the contrary, want to create a service that is as convenient as possible for both landlords and tenants; service providing transparency of the transaction at all its stages. “DamNaVremena.ru” will provide the parties to the contract, which they will have to sign during the transaction, give instructions, record all stages of the transaction. If necessary, the service “DamNaVremena.ru” can act as an arbitrator in resolving disputes arising between the parties. Of course, nobody is able to protect themselves from unfair users as much as possible, but strict verification of users and the provision of their personal data by them can serve as a good guarantee of the honesty of relations between the parties. Of course, such guarantees will only work for those users who will also be as open to us as possible. ”

Viktor Yurov, technical director of DamNaVremenia.ru: “The service of DamNaVremena.ru” is created with the aim of combining offers for the rental of certain things in one place. The main advantage of the service is the maximum transparency of the transaction between the tenant and the lessor. The service is absolutely free for all authorized users. The main features of the service include the most convenient system for searching lots, the user rating system, and a convenient and functional interface. A special work scheme is provided with legal entities that will allow landlord companies offering a large number of rental items to cooperate with the service on the most favorable terms. ”

Now the service is available at http://damnavremya.ru in the mode of subscription to the notice of opening. Interested persons who want to try the service in action first must leave their email address in the appropriate field on the blank page. At the time of the official launch of the service “DamNaVremena.ru” they will receive personal invitations.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101555/

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