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Toshiba Media Controller - now for Apple iPhone and iPod touch users

Toshiba has released a new version of Toshiba Media Controller (TMC) for Apple iPhone and Apple iPod touch. The application greatly facilitates the streaming and playback of multimedia materials, such as video, photos and music, using Wi-Fi technology between devices that support the DLNA standard.


iTMC automatically recognizes and displays all DLNA-enabled home network devices. All detected devices are divided into two groups - media servers and playback devices. With iTMC, users can browse the contents of media servers connected to a local wireless network, select files and immediately open them on the selected playback device.


Like most remote controls, iTMC allows you to control the playback of materials using the dedicated buttons (play, stop, pause, rewind, etc.). You can even control the volume. Depending on the type of content running, iTMC simply displays the available control buttons on the screen of the portable device.


In addition, iTMC allows you to create and store playlists and copy them to other devices. An application can display general status information about DLNA-compatible devices connected to the home network. The content currently displayed on the selected device is shown in a special window.


The app (in English) can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App StoreSM . In the future, it is planned to release localized versions.

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