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Who gets funding for Internet startups?

In the United States (and everywhere else), initial capital is often the most significant factor in the question of whether a startup will get on its feet? But what specific groups of people receive such funding? CB Insights, an information and analysis firm, this week published a report that showed the structure of the layer of startups who received funding this year, segregating them by gender, age, race, and level of education. The results, in principle, differ about the typical ideas about the team of an average startup.

The statistics presented in the report (very detailed) shows interesting trends: the majority of entrepreneurs are older than commonly thought, only one percent belong to the Negroid race; eight percent of startups are women. The good news is that the overwhelming majority still graduated from colleges (98%), and seven percent are candidates of science in general.

I advise you to read the report, from which interesting conclusions follow, for example, Asians in the states make up only four percent of the population, but at the same time among startups there are twelve percent. Bit off, so to speak, the share of black.

Basic trends in pictures


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