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Health and coding - how to combine?

After several years of sedentary work and lack of physical activity, my health began to deteriorate, like many of my comrades in the profession.
The first sign was slowly but surely growing belly.
Then there was a serious blow to the general state - I earned problems in two places in the spine at once. He spent a week in the hospital, shattered by blockades, pennicillin and other medicinal filth, caught a cold there in the new year and got a lot of unpleasant impressions.
Back problems were strongly attributed to weight lifting and safely forgotten ... until spring. In the spring, a relapse occurred with a diagnosis of “protrusion of the spinal disc” in the lumbar part.
After jogging at the doctors, two weeks of work at home followed with drinking pills and lying on the bed.
I realized that if I didn’t seriously take care of my health, I can say goodbye to him forever. But as always, there is not enough time, work, work, a thesis project and other things seriously interfered with practicing in the gym or going to some recreational facilities.
But, approaching the issue systematically, I found a solution. The solution is simple, free, accessible to everyone and takes no more than 20 minutes of time per day.

Charging in the morning. No seriously. I am not joking - this is quite enough.

Warm up

Every morning on weekdays (on weekends I rest) I get up and do the following list of exercises:

If the warm-up was needed to warm up the body and muscles, then the second part is actually a cure for a sedentary lifestyle. You must estimate your physical condition. Can you wring out 5 times from the floor? A press 10 times to shake? Sit down 5 times? I think that for neglected cases that is necessary.

So press.

Download press all know how. But you need to swing it all the same not in the way shown in physical education classes. That's how:
Lie flat on your back. Put your foot on the leg. Lie flat without bending anything. Hands along the body do not hold on to anything. Then bend in the belt and try to get his head to his knees. When your body is at an angle of 45 °, strain your arm muscles (flexing your arms) and your chest as if you were lifting dumbbells or a barbell.
The most important thing is not to try to cheat and do the press correctly. There will not be a teacher or a coach over your soul - you have to check yourself. When you stretch your hands in any case, do not help yourself with sweeps. Bend your arms slowly.
So repeat 10 times.


Legs shoulder-width apart, hands forward. Squat so as not to leave the place. Do squats as evenly as possible.
5 times on the first day is enough.

Push ups.

Wring out too will have to correctly. Choose a flat surface - linoleum or parquet (in any case, not a carpet).
We lay down and put one foot on the other. So that the support was only one. Then we put our hands on such a width so that in the bent state they made an even 90 ° angle, and the forearms made a flat line with the shoulders. Squeeze kula and put their knuckles on the floor.
So you are ready to push out. Strain the muscles along the body so that the spine does not bend at all during movements. And, without exposing up the back press the set five times.


I recommend doing in this order: press - rest a minute - squats - rest a minute - push-ups. Then you can go, brush your teeth or put on a kettle. And then again 10 presses, 5 squats and 5 push-ups. And again a break - you can, for example, go shave. And the last, third approach.
Total: 3x10 press, 3x5 squats and 3x5 push-ups.

The secret ingredient.

The secret ingredient of such workouts is the increment. Every day, do 1 time more than all three types of exercises in each approach.

Those. on the second day, do 3x (10 + 1) press, 3x (5 +1) squats and 3x (5 +1) push-ups , on the third 3x (10 + 2) presses, 3x (5 +2) squats and 3x (5 + 2) pushups and so on.

You increase the load slowly enough so as not to tire noticeably stronger, but quickly enough so that within 2 weeks you will already see the real result.

If you are not lazy, you can stumble yourself to practice every day, then after two weeks (10 days of exercise) you will feel much better and you will even see the result. I guarantee it.

The whole technique is really tested by me - just a month of classes and
  1. My back doesn't hurt anymore.
  2. I had noticeable muscles in my arms and chest ( not a joke ) and I had more female views ( even though I was married, but still nice ).
  3. The belly slowly but surely disappears, and in its place press dice appear. I think another month and I will bring myself completely into shape.
  4. Almost 3 kilograms of weight flew away, although I did not change the diet and did not move much more.
  5. All those cute little bonuses that you get when upgrading stat strength.

Comments can be left both here and in my blog.

About morning.

I am told here that “in the morning you don’t have to work hard, otherwise it will be difficult during the day. In the morning, the purpose of charging is to wake up, start the body so that it starts (if I may say so).” I have reasons to recommend morning.
  1. In the morning, although it is difficult to get up, it’s simply commonplace to get involved in it — it’s just a matter of wind blowing away the whole “enthusiasm”.
  2. I do not know how the rest, but I come home from 18 to 19 and sit down to have dinner. Then games / work / surfing / walks / holidays / exits "in people" and so on. And the cycle is surely interrupted. And skipping at least a day is very easy for the next one to find the excuse again.
  3. You need to work at about the same time, which means that it is easy to get into a rhythm, take a certain mode of the day and follow it.
  4. In the morning it’s just a hell of a pleasure to do exercises, warm up and then take a contrast shower before work. Further coffee is no longer necessary.

But this is of course all my arguments. Perhaps someone will be more comfortable to do in the evening.

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