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Official Twitter button for blogs

Twitter is going to “launch” the official button for distributing articles on websites and counting the number of links that were distributed on Twitter. The Tweet Button will be launched on Thursday.

It is assumed that the button The Tweet Button will be integrated with one line of code on any site. There are three versions of the button 110 × 20, 55 × 20, 55 × 63 and 5 settings for customization.

The company that most touches this innovation Twitter - tweetmeme , which is currently the leader in this direction. You could see tweetmeme buttons on a variety of sites, including mashable , techcrunch.com and others.

Twitter is likely to compete with tweetmeme, although it is unlikely that Twitter did not offer tweetmeme before creating its own service.

How to integrate the official Tweet Button to your site

Unfortunately in English, translation is in process.

via Mashable

Attention! This topic is the bravest PR twitter , techcranch and mashable .

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