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Faceted Vision Premiere

image The premiere site is already broadcasting video from 27 localities that were burnt down during forest fires. In each of the villages installed from one to four cameras.
Update: Habrasapolzovateli online today watched theft parsing picket
You can understand how the transmission of a signal from the village is organized, where there is no wired telephone either; News on the Synterra sites: “ Synterra ’s VSAT equipment was installed in 7 settlements of the Ryazan region (the village of Peredeltsy, Kultuki, Svezhenkoe, the village of Laskovsky, the villages of Kartanosovo, Shekhmino, Kriusha), as well as in the village of Lebyazhy and the village of Dalny of the Lipetsk region. On August 8, 2010 at 17:00 Moscow time, the company's specialists completed work on connecting all 9 objects. 18 VSAT stations (2 per site) were installed within 2 days by order of CenterTelecom OJSC, which will connect surveillance cameras using VSAT stations. "And CenterTelecom :" All surveillance cameras are installed on separate supports or surviving buildings on an altitude of at least 10 meters above the ground. Each CCTV system is equipped with a searchlight, providing illumination of construction objects in the twilight and at night. Uninterrupted power supply of the systems is ensured with the help of portable electric-benzo generators. ”

More details:
“In the places where camcorders are located, the permanent duty of CenterTelecom specialists is organized”
“Cooperation with territorial internal affairs agencies has been established to organize the permanent protection of equipment”
"In all 20 settlements, the local police established permanent police posts to protect the surveillance systems"
“The video signal goes to the workplace of the Prime Minister in the Government House, as well as to the Situation Center, the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia and the official website of the Government of the Russian Federation

Some conclusions: technically, the operation of deploying a video surveillance system was excellent. In the shortest possible time, in an area where there is neither fiber, nor wire connection, nor normal power supply, start, mount, adjust, obtain permits (or didn’t receive them?) To use transmitting space stations, organize, etc. etc. With all my skepticism - really an achievement. But moving along the line “what” - “how” - “why” - I stumble on the last paragraph.
In order not to steal? There are many tried and tested methods that are cheaper and more efficient. Through the camera you still can not see anything ...
For PR? A smart person understands that if the Chairman of the Government in the Government House is forced to personally look into the cameras in order to control the execution of his instructions - he doesn’t really control anything. The whole control system is dead ...
Especially since, as I understand it, all this television functions on my (and your) money. It would be better if fire hoses were bought ...

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101527/

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