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How to make presentations

Yesterday we had an exit conference.

Heads of departments talked about the results of the last half year and about plans that were close and not so close.

The low technical quality of the presentations was striking in its mass. Not speeches, namely what is shown on the screen. The three most important drawbacks are:
I advise everyone who has to prepare such materials on their own, see
This presentation is about presentations from Alexey Kapterev. In order not to repeat, there is generally everything that I wanted to say here. Well, except to add that it is extremely important not to make mistakes in the headers. And in presentations, headlines are everything!
For those who have more time, I recommend the article Belov (parts one and two ). The article from our “Habra” is also very useful, 5 proven ways to make the audience feel like idiots , it shows how to do it with examples.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101519/

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