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NVIDIA will build the world's most powerful computer for the US military


Today, the network has information that the US Department of Defense has signed a contract with NVIDIA for $ 25 million. The contract provides for the creation by the company of a super-powerful supercomputer, which is at least 1000 times faster than the current "giants of thought" computing technology. Interestingly, the duration of the contract is four years, so NVIDIA has a lot of time.

The US Department of Defense is going to overcome the "crisis" in computing, which, according to the military, is that for quite a long time there has been a very slow growth rate in the computing power of modern computers, including those that can be called "super -computers.
The development team also includes representatives from Cray Inc., Oak Ridge National Laboratory and six major US universities. It is this team that will work to overcome the limitations in increasing the computing power of computers. Now scientists believe that we need to look for other ways to strengthen the computer, the current architecture has exhausted itself almost completely. The researchers are going to create a fundamentally new hardware and software to increase computer performance, as well as increase the reliability of computer equipment.

“The DARPA UHPC program aims to overcome the key limitations of computer technology to ensure the future of high-performance computers. We are pleased to work with this team and believe that the directions we have chosen will lead to a radical improvement in the performance of computers in the coming decade, ”commented Steve Scott, one of the leaders of Cray Inc.

Interestingly, in addition to the team led by NVIDIA, the US Department of Defense entered into contracts with three other teams.

In general, a good idea came from the guys from the Ministry of Defense - to hire several teams at once, which will carry out parallel work in the course of several years to find ways to increase the productivity of computers. If one team fails, three others remain. And if everyone succeeds, we kill four birds with one stone. It remains to wish that there is no situation where no one can cope. But it is unlikely, with such opportunities ...

Here is the official press release .

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