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Roundtable on design and usability of applications for iPhone / iPad

Meeting of designers, usability engineers, interface designers interested in creating applications for the iPhone / iPad at a round table organized by the Russian Apple Developer User Group on August 26, 2010 (Thursday) from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm based on the Business Incubator of the State Higher School of Economics .

Apple is a recognized trendsetter in design issues, and users expect to see equally high-quality and user-friendly applications on their iPhone / iPad. Design and usability largely determine the success of a software product. The meeting will consist of two parts: we plan to start a discussion (6.30–20.30) in the H-502 auditorium of the State University Higher School of Economics and continue it (20.30-21.30) in the nearby cafe “Dacha na Pokrovka”. Suggested topics for discussion: The problem of compliance with the appearance of Apple corporate guidelines. Non-standard approaches in the visual solution of interfaces under the Apple platform. A number of experts will take part in the round table, including: Sergey Kudryashov (Parallels), Alexey Kopylov (UI Design Group), Dmitry Novikov (MacPaw ), Alexander Kosovan (MacPaw), Dmitry Zhukov (Turbomilk), Ilya Krasinsky (Flexis), Katerina Umnova and others. Each participant of the meeting will be able to present his vision, ask questions, develop the idea of ​​another participant or challenge the opinion of the opponent. To participate, register here. We will be happy to see designers, usability workers, interface designers at the next RADUG meeting. Registration for the meeting is obligatory, since the entrance to the building of the HSE is carried out strictly by passes. You must have any ID document with you.

link to register radug.timepad.ru/event/2844/notify=save


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