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Our on Django Dash

On Saturday, August 14, at 8:00 Moscow time , the DjangoDash competition will begin, and the modest Russian e-Legion team decided to participate in this event. By the way, Malcolm Tredinnick , well-known in narrow circles of jungists, participates in the competition (for example, I also did not understand why the team with two participants is called “three blind mice”).

So that we are not bored by the three of us to sit in the office (we are all colleagues , we will develop directly from the workplace), we decided to make an online broadcast of this event, at this address: www.e-legion.com/ru/blog/2010/e -legion-uchastvuet-v-django-dash
And we will closely monitor all tweets with the tag #elegion . We will be grateful for the code review and advice of our fellow jungists.

A few words about the project we want to write in 48 hours:
It is called “voices in the head”, it is an online radio, the tracks on which are chosen by the users themselves. Moreover, these tracks will be broadcast not only to listeners of the radio, but also to a specially trained person, whose happy face in online mode is drawn on the main page of the site. You put in the playlist Cannibal Corpse and enjoy the reaction.
The demo will be here: dash2010.alarin.ru
The source code is here: github.com/elegion/voices-in-the-head
Live broadcast there: www.e-legion.com/ru/blog/2010/e-legion-uchastvuet-v-django-dash (from 8:00 on August 14 to 8:00 on August 16)

Contest rules , if someone has not mastered:
* There should be no groundwork / blanks for work before the start of the competition (at least electronically. You can jot down anything on paper)
* Everything should be developed in 48 hours
* Team of maximum 3 people
* Control system version - git, or mercurial
* Open source project
* You can use third-party libraries (applications for django, python modules), but this may affect the final score.
* Application must be installed using pip
The contest, by the way, is annual. I hope next year there will be more teams from Russia.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101506/

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