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Review of programs for beautiful ladies

Hi Habr, here's your post on the first day of spring.
The red day of the March 8 calendar is rapidly approaching, and we will dedicate it to them.

I bought my wife a new laptop, and in the old one she had a program for keeping her monthly records .
“A very necessary thing,” my wife told me, “I don't want to part with her.”
A normal man would take it, and put it on a new computer and forget it, but this is not about me. I decided to figure out what progress has been achieved in this area of ​​programming, and choose the best. It turned out that there are not so many suitable Russian-language programs, or rather, only 5.
So I will tell about them in order, maybe someone will benefit from such a review.
I really hope that such an intimate topic will not confuse anyone here. Such is the physiology of Homo Sapiens.

So, the list of applicants for settlement in the new matrimonial laptop looked like this:
· 4WomenOnly (Version 7)
· FeminaSoft Women's Calendar (Version 2.7 / 3.0) "Total Ovulation Control"
· Ovulyashki (Version 1.6.5) - nee Woman calendar © Slesareva E.V. (Version 1.1b)
· WoCa (Female calendar) © Alyamkin Ilya (Version 1.3.2)
· BlooDays (Version 3.01 or 3.2.1 - no difference, as it turned out)

I immediately ranked them according to the degree of sophistication and in the same order I will describe the main features.

4WomenOnly is the most promoted and pop version with a very “girlish” interface and detailed help, which, however, describes female physiology rather than the program itself. That, in other matters, is also useful for young ladies.
More screenshots here .
The program is designed to thoroughly document women's health status in general and takes into account many factors, such as basal temperature, the nature of various secretions and other subtleties.
The main purpose of use, it seems to me, is to calculate the day of ovulation (the luteral period) - i.e. First of all, the program will seem useful to women who want to choose the best day for conception or are going to monitor their health very carefully in order to provide a journal of observations to a doctor.

But to predict the cycle, this program is of little use, since it does not automatically calculate the average duration of a cycle and can only calculate it separately on demand statistics, and you yourself be so good as to estimate and enter the date.

Verdict: program for meticulous young ladies with extremely stable cycle. And also those who are planning to have a baby soon. Very beautiful, informative and visual, but worth the money. But those who have other goals and "jumps" the cycle, this program will most likely be inconvenient.

If the main goal is to predict the onset of the next menstruation, then you should look at the following applicants.

Women's Calendar © FeminaSoft (Version 2.7 Freeware)
The main difference of this program is its multiplatform.
There is a version not only for PCs, but also for PDAs and even mobile phones, and with the ability to synchronize. If you prefer to keep everything personal in your pocket, then this is your option.
Now as for the main functionality - it is and it is enough, but the interface is simple and not intricate, which, in my opinion, distinguishes it from the previous program.
The main goal of the program is dynamic forecasting of the onset of menstruation , taking into account fluctuations in the cycle. The program even calculates the reliability of the forecast in percent.
The rest is like everyone else + horoscope (be it wrong this pseudoscience).
Registration of the program is free on the developer's site.
There is Shareware version 3.0, which differs in support of other platforms and other trifles, but not fundamentally.

Ovulyashki 1.6.5 - a very nice free program that is under active revision. The program combines the advantages of the above programs plus can export data to Microsoft Excel.
Unfortunately, the installed .NET Framework 2.0 is required for work! But for humor, the lack of a horoscope and for the fact that the brakes and glitches associated with .NET are minimized, the author can be forgiven for this. The predecessor refused to be installed at all if the .NET Framework 1.1 is not in the system - progress and portability are obvious.
Simple interface , graphs of well - being and basal temperature, tracking of secretions, sexual contacts and dynamic prediction of the cycle. In general, everything you need and nothing extra.
And yet, the program is developing so actively that it is already difficult to say for sure who is second in my rating and who is third in my rating. During my meticulous testing, the program managed to acquire functionality and, having risen to several builds, to get rid of a significant part of the glitches, as well as to find its own pretty site .

We talked about the leaders, now about the rest.

WoCa is different in that:
- Requires .NET Framework 2.0 installed! Brakes, but tolerable.
- Contains information about a bunch of different holidays, etc.
- Lists statistics of sexual contacts for the year, which among other things, you can set subjective ratings.
- Does not perform any calculations on the cycle - the duration is set in the settings.
- Asks for something for money.
Offsite rested in the Bose. Screenshots from nadstrozh .

Otherwise, all the same as in all, days of discharge, ovulation, fertility and sterility. In general, it suits those ladies who have a stable cycle, many partners and want to invite them to the feast, in order to evaluate them later by statistics.

BlooDays is the ancestor of the tribe and the benchmark for the basic functionality of similar programs focused on the prediction of the menstrual cycle. Detailed documentation on the "calendar method" included. It seems that programmers from FeminaSoft were inspired by this particular program and improved it.
The program served my wife faithfully for 5 years from 2002 to 2007 and did not spoil its reputation. But time takes its toll, and from greed the developers are completely spilled and want money for junk, which, however, can be used.
I will not specifically give screenshots, because in them the whole difference between the versions. Look at the "LCD" - about "the same eggs, only in profile."

We must pay tribute to fashion for web services, and these too were found on their own , on websites with pads and on social networks . The quality of services is not checked. Flag in your hands.

The attentive reader noted that the review did not consider solutions for current mobile platforms. This is explained by the fact that time goes on, fashion changes, mobile phones sometimes change more often than access to such software is required. However, I will be grateful if knowledgeable people are mentioned in the comments of the best representatives with explanations and references for completeness of the review.

Well, and finally, I would say that if I had not been so lazy, I would have muddied a sign in the same Excel that would have thought it all perfectly. So, who does not want, can put nothing at all, but go his own way.

Good luck!
And, of course, happiness to you, women!

Observations showed that almost all of the above retained its relevance for a long time the development of the described programs (the essence - “LCD” cost bugfixes, and the monster “4WO” suffers from the disease of releasing new versions in order to create the appearance of vigorous activity by adding unnecessary functionality, making cosmetic changes and improving protection against hacking).
Well, program outsiders seem to be slowly dying, however, who grieves?

User xn__p2a prompts that
Under Linux, there are also female calendars.
Console utility: mencal
Graphic utility: cycle
If I’m not mistaken, both of these applications are in the Debian and Ubuntu repositories.
and provides links to manuals:
By the way, Women's Calendar 3.0 is also available for Linux and Mac, see the topic above.

Thanks to antonlustin for the Vkontakte app and Wiemo for this:
For iPhone Period Tracker ,
for Android WomanLog .
and unkinddragon for MaeGirls for N900 and nett00n for MyDays for Andriond.

Special thanks to grossu for the Monthly web service.

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