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Habrafutbol in St. Petersburg

Many people proposed to arrange habrafutbol in St. Petersburg long ago, one user volunteered to organize, but after that he stopped something, so I feel that it is time to take the initiative in my hands. I propose to meet this Sunday, August 15, at 11:00 on the football field near the station. m. Ozerki ( place on Yandex.Maps ). The choice of location may not appeal to those who live in the very south of the city, but there is a good field with artificial grass (it does not hurt to fall) and walk from the subway station for five minutes.

What is required: firstly, a good ball (I do not have it myself, so I need someone else to bring it), and secondly, players. Players need not so much (on a field of this size to play five to five - just right), but due to the fact that this blog is closed and there are few subscribers, there is a risk that the information simply will not reach those interested. Therefore, if you, who are reading this, know the St. Petersburg habrauers who are interested in football, but who are not in Habraskhodka, tell them about the match with a personal message or something else. (Yes, and non-habrayuzerov, and just good people, you can also call.) If you are going to participate, please note in the comments, so that it becomes clear whether a quorum is going to.


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