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Now you can follow a tweeter without your own account

Twitter introduced a new feature called Fast Follow. Thanks to the innovation, now any owner of a mobile phone will be able to read tweets of a user of interest to him, receiving them in the form of sms. For the time being, this opportunity is available to subscribers from the USA, but the Twitter blog assures that it is only for the time being and Fast Follow will soon spread to other countries.

To start using the service, the user only needs to send an SMS with the text “follow Username” to the number 40404. After that, all new tweets of the specified username will be provided in the phone.

Twitter introduces Fast Follow, with the prospect of using this service in the field of advertising. Companies will call to send SMS with the name of their account in the Username field, placing the appropriate calls on banners, billboards, magazines, TV and other media.

Having seen the offer thus filmed, for example, some store, the user will eventually be able to receive news about promotions and discounts. And to stimulate interest, it would be nice to use special promotions distributed only through this channel. This approach smoothly moves advertising from the area of ​​imposition to the area of ​​informed choice.
The idea is quite simple, but in the end it will be able to attract tens of millions of passive users, of which there are still a huge amount on Twitter (only 10% of participants have regular activity, ie, they write 90% of tweets, fill in bio and homepage). Now, anyone who wants to read, but does not want to tweet, there is no need to start an empty acc. And in general, people far from microblogging will be able to use its passive side, without even thinking that this is somehow connected with Twitter.

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