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Times! - business social network

Hi, Habr!

I present to your attention a social network for businessmen of all kinds, from the Guru to the newcomers just starting their way. And also for those who are somehow connected with the world of business and money.

Objective of the project

Creating a communication environment in which newcomers can learn the basics of a business, find investors, entrepreneurs - business partners or take new cadres into the team, investors - invest in an interesting idea!
The social network is a closed part of the site and is visible only to registered members. All others see an online magazine, forum and blogs.

Search for business partners

The social network allows you to search for people by such parameters as:
In practice, this is applied as follows : you want to find a business partner in your city. Go to the site, choose the country, your city, click search and "study" candidates. Then write off, discuss some points, make an appointment and here he is your new partner.

Another example . You need a person holding a specific position in the company (no matter what), your goal is to make a business proposal. You drive in a country, position, and in front of you a list of people holding this position.

To look at a person, you can view his page, read a blog, comments or forum posts.

It is possible to communicate using the internal messaging system, chat.

The service is absolutely free, it does not charge for registration, nor for additional services. You can easily search for people of interest to you.

The only restriction is registration by invitation. We took this step to create a high-quality audience, without SPAM and advertisers, as well as the so-called “shkoloty”.

Our differences from existing projects

The project started on July 23 of this year ... Therefore, the audience is not great, for now! But we will do everything to gather interesting and knowledgeable people in one place!

If you are one, send the following information to invite@timesnet.ru
Then the invitation code will come to your email.

Take not quantity, but quality!

PS We welcome your opinions, comments and, perhaps, praise)
PSS Website set up, hosted warned. Are ready to Habraeffektu ... I hope)

UPD Look, most of the project is not recognized. But thank you, I want to say to those who sent positive feedback to the mail and to those who registered and looked at what was happening before responding negatively. Thanks you!

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