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And you scold Flash

I really love MTS, I didn’t want to cast a shadow on it, but in light of the popularity of discussing the right developments, thinking about customers, I would just like to give an example on one of the largest companies, which isn’t in the Flash business but in the curly hands of developers lack of elementary responsibility.

Suddenly, as it always sat down, the phone failed to call and I had to go to the site of my mobile operator to send an SMS. After the start of the message, the letters were typed with a delay of a few seconds, I managed to enter and send a captcha, and minimize the browser, which of course did not curl immediately.


Okay, I have tons of memory and gigahertz of two cores, but forgive how are people with tablets on W7, and other netbooks, not to mention those who, for the most part, still use 256-512 RAM and 1 GHz Celeron?
All right it is possible to write off on tendencies and the fact that all each other measure on themselves. But whatever the cost of example 1, I did not even go beyond the limits of the MTS and went to choose GOOD'OK for myself.


Have you tried to install this plugin on MacOS? Neither on Camino nor on FF there are none. If they are, then the ordinary housewife will not be able to do this. But such a request has never been with Flash, it was always possible to get pre-listening, preview, and other things before. In this case, we simply lose the opportunity to use the service as such.


And the conclusions are simple,
In our country, they can write code well, only those who have something to prove, just rest on the code, simply “lay down” on optimization, because they got their place under the sun, and do not have proper control over themselves.

And the second conclusion can be Flash itself:
Anyway, is it good or bad. no matter how he loads the processor, he always leaves the right to choose, to load the processor and do business, or to give up something at all, just because you have not been given this right to choose.

But if they return to the first conclusion, the employee's control would allow optimizing the same Flash and reducing the load on the cores of consumers. And in this case there is no difference curve Flash or JS, the result is the same.

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