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How to deal with mobile spam when the operator is powerless?

To be honest, I would very much like to get some practical advice in the comments. It's about my very younger brother ( MTS subscriber). Some time ago, he began to receive messages from the number 111004 . About 3-5 pieces per day. What didn’t work out in the messages, the phone model is the simplest, except for the text it doesn’t receive anything (therefore, the mysterious “it’s impossible to display the content” was displayed on the screen).
We felt more cheerful when we realized that incoming SMS from this number costs 3-4 rubles.

There are no subscriptions in the list of connected services (in the profile on the MTS website), and there is nothing at all with which such spam could be included.

Definitely we can say that brother did not leave a phone number on the Internet, just did not order any subscriptions.
Naturally, he asked to figure it out, and I called MTS support.

Call number 1:
I was listened to, asked to wait a couple of minutes and confidently said: “Everything, the service is turned off.”
I did not ask too many questions. I was even surprised that everything is so simple. And it was not for nothing that I was surprised, after a few hours the SMS from the number 111004 came again.
Call number 2:
I was listened to, asked to wait five minutes and dictated the number to be dialed to unsubscribe. Great, for the first time about this speech did not go. Recorded, executed, received on the screen a rainbow "You are unsubscribed." A few hours later spam comes again.

Call number 3:
This time after my tirade about how dissatisfied I was, I was connected to the “technical department”, who said that he would send a request to the content provider (it turned out that they were something ussd.ru ), and that during the day a maximum and at best, within a few hours, the phone will be REALLY unsubscribed from spam.
However, nothing has changed in either day or two.

Call number 4:
Described the situation. I was transferred to the technical department for about 10 minutes. Only so that the specialist admitted that besides writing another e-mail to the content provider, they cannot. They advised me to do the same thing (I did, of course; naturally, to no avail). The question of how it happened that my brother even started receiving this spam is blatantly ignoring, which makes me suspect that MTS is merging numbers to spammers. But it's not about that.
When asked where to file a complaint, they said that this was possible only on the site mts.ru (sic!).

So, Habr, I have a question-request. Is there a chance to stop it? Somewhere to address, or some words, or threats to use.
Naturally, this is not worth any legal proceedings, but I don’t really want to change the number.
I count on your help. For now rubles for 15 are written off from the account daily.

UPD (16:05): The situation is more interesting because it turns out that the owner of the content provider ... MTS!

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