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Droider Quest. Reload August 14

So the gloom over the capital is dissipated, houses and bridges have become visible, the streets are filled with smiling faces. It's time for the urban game Droider Quest, which Droider.ru and Mobiquest spend for fans of the Android platform and just fans of mobile technology.


We offer you on a clear Saturday day on August 14 to make a memorable walk through the center of Moscow, during which you will need to answer a number of fascinating questions about the places that you will meet along the way. And the final will be held in an excellent company in one of the most famous institutions of the capital with a glass of cool beer or fresh fruit as a gift.
In addition, if you answer the questions well, you will have every chance to get the main prize of Droider Quest - the Plantronics Bluetooth stereo headset . So, there is something to fight for.

Interesting? Then we read about participation under the cut!

To take part in the game, you need to send SMS #droider to the number +7 (903) 797 6139 (the cost is standard according to your tariff, for example, I have 1p.50kop.) . And you are registered!

After this, the main thing is to arrive at the start point in time ( Polytechnic Museum , Kitay-Gorod City, Lubyanka Metro Station), and at the time of the start of the game (August 14 at 15:00) you will receive a message with the first question. More information about the event can be found on Droider.ru .

Waiting for you! See you!

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