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The result of the contest Miss Sys in Habré

Hi, Habr. Four months ago, from 4 to 14 April , we held a competition here - Miss Sys Rus . You are probably wondering, how did it end after the announcement of the winners?

And nothing! The organizers just scored on their promises. And very ugly scored.

On May 3, an e-mail was received from Lawrence Kutsiya asking if we already received prizes.
May 16 in a personal Yana Ostas, who oversaw the competition, to our question said that the prizes have already been sent
We decided to give time, knowing our mail and understanding that people may have inconsistencies and delays. Sometimes, just in case, we call the mail, find out if there was a parcel. After more than two months, on July 22, we remind the organizers about ourselves and get the answer that no one sent the prizes “due to customs problems”, and then they say that delivery is very expensive and they are not happy with this price ( there were conditions that only Muscovites can participate).

We wait 20 more days and write a topic on Habr. Nobody answers our questions during these 20 days. Apparently, the company decided that just enough to score. And not only on us - some other girls were also left without deserved gifts.

It's not about prizes, but empty promises. And the fact that such a sort of serious company simply took up the scam.

Sincerely, Nutochka, winner of the Miss Sys Rus contest.


In the comments, it was noted Morgana - the owner of the title Miss SYS SEXY with the same problem.


No longer relevant - the gift is delivered.

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