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Python eCommerce Systems - Technical Comparison

A brief overview includes open source Python web applications and extensibility: GetPaid, EasyShop, LFS, Satchmo, Perfect Sale.
The material is published in order to attract the attention of domestic developers to e-commerce open source python solutions in continuation of the topic Open Source e-commerce solutions for PHP: habrahabr.ru/blogs/open_source/101072

Note: the original translation is supplemented with italics.


License: ZPL
Technologies: Python 2.4, Plone 3.x (Plone 4 Beta Support)
Extensibility: skins, portlets
Famous sites / users: 16
Complete solution, add-on for Plone.
Opportunities: subsidies, payment for publication (job advertisements, ads, etc.), any content can be purchased, discount system, UPS delivery with real-time delivery costs, good documentation, tests, GetPaid products are available in many languages and all products may be tagged with transferable tags.
There is integration with PloneFormGen and SalesForce.
Languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Chinese, Finnish, Japanese
Multi-currency support.
Payment methods: Authorize.net (US), Ogone (Europe), Google Checkout (easy integration, only for US and UK), DPS PXPay, PayPal, Payflo Pro, Paymentech, ClickandBuy, Pagseguro (Brazil), Luottokunta (Finland), PaymentExpress PXPay (Aust / NZ, S. Africa / US / UK / Asia), NetCash (S. Africa), Network Merchants, VCS (S. Africa), Verkkomaksut (Finland), Virtual Merchant, Dummy processor (for testing).


License: GPL
Technologies: Python 2.4, Plone 3.2.5
Extensibility: skins, portlets
Known sites / users: a little (most switched to LFS?) According to the information on the official site, the 500 largest German stores
Complete solution, add-on for Plone.
The latest releases and news of the project are dated 2008 year.

Lightning Fast Shop (LFS)

License: BSD
Technologies: Python 2.6, jQuery, jQuery UI, TinyMCE, Django
Extensibility: product templates, portlets
Famous sites / users: 11 www.getlfs.com/live-shops
Features: easy setup, simple control interface, a functional out-of-the-box store and well thought-out design. Great performance!
The project is being actively developed. There is an official Russification. Declared database support: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite; Web servers: Apache, lighttpd, nginx; memcached, Solr .
There is a demo: www.getlfs.com/demo and a list of operating stores (including Russian): www.getlfs.com/live-shops


License: BSD
Technologies: Python, Django 1.2.1
Extensibility: very high
Famous sites / users: at least 67
Satchmo is a complete web store. The admin interface works fine, but is somewhat confusing and asks a lot of questions.
The project has been actively developed since 2006.
Payment systems: Authorize.net, Trustcommerce, Google checkout, Cybersource, Paypal, Protx, Sermepa, billing.
Languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Korean, Hebrew, Turkish.
Integration with multiple delivery systems: UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc.
Opportunities - a huge number, including multisite, integration with Google analytic and support for Google adwords. Good documentation. .

I consider it necessary to add the developing project Perfect Sale - a python-engine of French development to the list.

Perfect sale

Technology: Python
Famous sites / users: according to official information - 5. www.perfect-sale.com/nos-boutiques-e-commerce
Features: CMS, CRM, ERP, SEO, statistics. From the payment system is supported only PayBox and billing. It is planned to present the project at PyCON FR 2010 .


All tested solutions work out of the box. Two Plone solutions for us have certain advantages, since the project is familiar to us, but Django-projects provide better performance. LFS somewhat stands out from the list, as it looks good right after installation.
The ability to run on Google App Engine is absent in all projects.

Unfortunately, none of the products support Russian payment systems, while foreign ones do not support many of them. Similarly, there are translations in some languages ​​other than Russian. If you have additions and clarifications - thanks in advance!

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