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Mobile operator LIFE and GSM \ GPS trackers. Part 2

On Sunday, in my blog on Habré, I posted a topic about the problem with the mobile operator LIFE :).
Some users of Habr have raised a topic of interest, so I post a continuation of this topic.
This morning, a man knocked on Skype and introduced himself as an employee of Astelit LLC. He told that he was aware of my problem (it is nice that people from LIFE also read Habr) and said that he would try to help me. As it turned out later, the money from my account was not lost, but simply deducted from my balance as a subscription fee according to my tariff plan (here I see I messed up something and for nothing I blamed LIFE for everything. I apologize.) Then I tried to find out why I blocked my SIM card, and as it turned out there was a suspicion that the SIM card is used in the GSM gateway (and this is really forbidden equipment, is used for traffic fraud).
I asked the representative a question about how the company LIFE tracks non-standard equipment, and received an answer:

1) The easiest way - IMEI
2) More complex - analysis of the traffic structure. Not the content, but the types of events, the binding of events to the terrain, etc. This analysis occurs automatically.

And finally ...
I got the number unlocked.
Money for the period of blocking returned to the account.
A more suitable tariff plan for every kind of GSM trackers and monitoring systems was also told.
PS Representative name is Ivan and he happily answered all my questions.
By the way, a person does not have an account on Habré, if such people are needed, who can send Ivan an invite to ivan.porokh@gmail.com).


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101469/

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